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LONDON MARATHON 23rd April 2017

As the London Marathon 2017 training schedule now begins , have you thought of using Sports Massage Therapy to support your journey ?


Greater flexibility and range of motion Improved performance Improved self awareness Fine - tuning of training Pain reduction Improved recovery Injury prevention

Over the years I have supported many runners in the rigorous build up to the marathon and they have all found regular sports massage to be extremely beneficial.

I am offering a special : MARATHON MASSAGE PACKAGE

SESSION 1 - 90 min. assessment, advice and massage

SESSION 2,3,4,5 - 4 X 60 min. massage, taken whenever you chose.

SESSION 6 - 60 min. pre-event massage to optimise your performance.

SESSION 7 - 60 min. post-event massage to soothe, relax the muscles, easing tightness, relieving any cramps/spasms and helping to speed up the recovery process.

I am offering this package for £360 (normal cost £430) when paid in full at 1st session.

I look forward to supporting you in your incredible journey. CONTACT me here


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Jackie Earl Blog


I have just completed the 2nd level of CranioSacral Therapy training with The Upledger Institute.

I am loving the powerful effectiveness of this light touch treatment and am keen to practice my new skills.

I am looking for models who can commit to 3 sessions of 75 minutes fairly close together.

Treatment is carried out fully clothed laying on my heated couch. Models must be willing to have mouth work ( again, very gentle and using gloves of course).

In particular I would like models suffering with: Neck pain, headaches, migraine, sinus problems, dizziness, TMJ issues, orthodontic/dental pain, anxiety, stress, depression.

Cost will be £100 for the 3 sessions (saving of £80) to be paid at the start. If you are interested in trying CST to help alleviate your pain then contact me at ,07757745392 or message me on my contact page.

Jackie Earl | 19th October 2016
Jackie Earl Blog


Hope you all enjoyed the festivities and are now getting stuck in to your New Year Resolutions ?! I know I am.

Just thought I would update you in this blog as to what I’ve been up to and how I can help.

I was delighted to be awarded a Distinction in my BTEC Level 6 qualification in Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Therapy in December.This is a degree level course and is currently the highest available in Massage Therapy so you are in very safe, well educated hands ! For my dissertation I conducted a small scale research project on the effects of abdominal scars on lower back pain, 50% of my participants reported a decrease in their pain after receiving treatment only on their scars. I love working on scars as the results can be fairly dramatic, I have had extensive training and lots of practice so If you have abdominal or any scars please get in touch.

Also, last year I began my training with The Upledger Institute in CranioSacral Therapy. This is a very gentle, light touch approach that releases tensions deep in the Central Nervous System so that every other system in the body can relax and self correct. This technique helps to naturally free yourself from pain , stress and discomfort. I am having great feedback from clients who have tried CST, especially those suffering with depression, anxiety/stress related problems, fibromyalgia and CFS. If you would like to try or require any more information then please give me a call.

Finally, just to let you know I have a new ,top of the range, electric couch that is sooo comfy ! It’s wide, padded and goes very low, and moves in all manner of ways! Together with a heated pad underneath, my expert massage moves, what more could you possibly want ?! I hope to see you soon.

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A scar is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous tissue has developed”.

The body repairs rapidly after injury but the new scar tissue is usually thicker, less elastic and not as strong which can impact the area surrounding it causing tightness and restriction of movement as well as reduced blood and lymphatic flow.

Scar Release Massage can help by :

Releasing restrictions in movement

Improve flexibility and joint movement

Improve circulation and lymphatic flow allowing nutrients to get to the area and the removal of waste

Improve the appearance of scars

The aims of Scar Release Massage are for your scar to feel softer, freer with less tightness and discomfort and to allow the whole area to be fully functioning again.

I use gentle Myofascial Release massage techniques to treat scars after warming the area with hotstones keeping you covered and only exposing the area to be worked on.

Please call for a FREE consultation to see if I can help you with any scars that may be causing problems.

Scar Release massage is a great interest of mine and I am currently conducting a small scale research project for my dissertation on my BTEC Level 6 (degree level) Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Diploma. I am still recruiting participants so if you would like to take part please give me a call, the criteria is that you are female, have an abdominal scar and lower back pain.


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Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

I have just returned from an amazing experience working at the games as a sports massage practitioner. I was based in the Athletes Medical room for Netball at the SECC venue and worked as part of the medical team which consisted of doctors, nurses and physios. We provided care for athletes and technical staff while they were at the venue, warming up and competing. The team doctors and physios would use our room if they needed to treat an athlete so you never knew who would be coming in next.

I spent most of my time treating the netball umpires pre and post event and post event massage for the netball players who would come in a whole team at a time so physios would all jump in to help.

A highlight for me was when I was massaging one leg while the teams physio was doing the other leg and the athlete asked her to do what I was doing ! Another of our duties was to provide care if needed for the gymnasts who were warming up in the hall next to our medical room, they enjoyed loud up tempo sounds as they prepared so the background music for my treatments was slightly different to my usual choice !

We were also responsible for medical cover on field of play and due to black spots where the walkie talkies didn’t work, a “runner” was needed as well as doctor and physio, and I filled that role taking turns with the nurse so we worked half a game each. Every day before shift we would have spinal board practice so we were ready if a casualty happened, luckily this was never needed.

After my field of play duty during the England v Barbados game I checked my phone and had loads of messages from family and friends who had seen me on TV, fame at last, my lovely brother even tweeted a picture ! (See my Twitter page @EarlJackie)To add to my exposure that day a story was published in my local paper Pin badges were the currency of the Games, athletes and their teams were exchanging their country pins and this is what I charged for a treatment ! By the end I had accumulated quite a few and I became aware of “pin envy” from those around me, coming home and seeing how much some of them are selling for on Ebay I now understand why !

Jackie Earl | 7th August 2014
Jackie Earl Blog

Blog 1 Feb 2014

I am very excited to be writing my very first blog on my brand new website. I would like to start by thanking Steve SIRMAN Graphic and Web Designer for all his hard work on creating and producing my site. Thanks also go to Steph @OBBPhotography for her amazing photos and to my model Charlie.

In this blog I plan to update you on my various training courses, my new skills acquired and to share with you interesting topics within the field of Bodywork. I have just returned from a 2 day training course in Brighton with The Jing Institute studying sports injury, very fitting as when I went out lunch time I saw a number of Brighton Half Marathon runners hobbling around ! The lectures covered in depth the physiology of muscles as well as how all the different systems of the body are affected when a muscle is injured.

This thorough knowledge gives me a greater understanding of exactly what is going on when you visit me to treat your groin strain, ankle sprain or chronic neck and shoulder pain thereby creating specific and effective treatments.

I am now writing a 2000 word assignment on my new understanding as part of my BTEC Level 6 Diploma, wish me luck.

Jackie Earl | 18 February 2014
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"Jackie puts you at ease straight away and because she is genuinely interested in you as a person, you always feel at the end of the session that she has listened to you,relaxed and of course, your skin feels great too!"

- Mariam from Kent

"I came to Jackie for work related lower back and neck problems. I am impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. Treatment is guided to the problem areas by looking at the body as a whole to see if the problem is actually being caused by a niggle elsewhere, in an effort to treat rather than relax a tight muscle for the short term. Im very impressed with the service I have received and would not hesitate to recommend"

- Eleanor from Orpington