Hotstone Massage

This is a deeply warming, relaxing treatment where smooth, highly polished, water heated Basalt stones are massaged over the body. This treatment incorporates aromatherapy massage oils which allow the hot stones to glide over the body inducing muscular relaxation, relieving stress and tension and bringing about a heightened feeling of wellbeing.

Hot stones along with cold stones can also be used remedially to help with pain conditions and sporting injuries. The hot stones relax the muscles allowing me to work deeper into problem areas. The use of cold stones on an injury or acute condition reduce inflammation and swelling.

The use of hot then cold stones alternately is a very effective method for “flushing” an area, bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the site and removing waste, great for chronic joint inflammation and any repetitive strain injury.

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60 minutes - £75
75 minutes - £80
90 minutes - £95

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“Warming, soothing, nurturing, heavenly hotstone massage, my favourite treatment”

- Barbara from Welling