Scar Massage Therapy
Scar Massage Therapy

Scar Massage Therapy

A scar is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous tissue has developed”.

The body repairs rapidly after injury but the new scar tissue is usually thicker, less elastic, laid down in a sporadic fashion and not as strong . This may lead to underlying structures adhering together causing improper movement in the tissue leading to restriction of movement, muscle weakness and pain.

Nerves can also be affected causing pain, numbness, itching and sensitivity.

Specialised Scar Massage Therapy techniques can effectively treat the pain and restrictions caused by scars by releasing adhesions, realigning the tissue, softening and lightening the scar. Scar Massage Therapy can be effective on old as well as new scars. ( scars cannot be treated if still open, weeping, infected or inflamed ).

Scar Massage Therapy can help with all types of scars including: C-section, hysterectomy,breast surgery,burns,hip & knee replacements, appendix, cosmetic surgery.

Benefits of Scar Massage Therapy

- Reduced pain and restriction of movement
- Reduction in adhesions
- Improved flexibility
- Improved feel and appearance of scar
- Improved neurological connections previously impaired by scar
- Release of trauma held in the body

The aims of Scar Massage Therapy are for your scar to feel softer, freer with less tightness and discomfort and to allow the whole area to be fully functioning again.

I use gentle Myofascial Release and Sharon Wheeler ScarWork massage techniques to treat scars after warming the area with hotstones keeping you covered and only exposing the area to be worked on.

Scar Massage Therapy can be booked as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into your regular massage session.

Please call for a FREE consultation to see if I can help you with any scars that may be causing problems.

Scar Massage Therapy is a great interest of mine and I conducted a small scale research project for my dissertation on my BTEC Level 6 Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage.The results from my study demonstrate a possible link between an abdominal scar and lower back pain, a decrease in back pain was felt by 50% of participants having received massage only on their scars.

To read my study in full please click on link.

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